Facebook Policy Changes and the Effects on Organic Reach

Facebook Policy Changes and the Effects on Organic Reach

facebook-logo-smallIn January, Facebook made some policy changes to its feed algorithm. More focus was placed on relevant content that is centered on friends and family members. The devastation was real for websites such as Little Things. With over 17 million fans, the algorithm revision was a heavy blow for the site which solely relied on Facebook to reach their niche audience. Now, publishers will be adjusting their social media approaches in response to this change.

Entities like Buzzfeed relied on Facebook to grow their humongous following. However, their diversity helped shield them from these algorithm changes made by Facebook. Buzzfeed is still growing strong on Facebook but their intention is to expand on YouTube and Snapchat platforms. Also, they are promoting their mobile app which will be centered on growing and maintaining their audiences. Dodo, a publisher in the animal niche, is also taking advantage of YouTube, where it is finding success in monetizing their videos.

On the other hand, platforms like Bleacher Report have been thriving. As a partner publisher with Facebook, they have undertaken many campaigns with good success. In fact, their Android apps have enjoyed more than 5 million installs through Google Play as a result of effective Facebook marketing.

It is clear that this algorithm change by Facebook will affect many publishers in a variety ways. You can read more about the coping mechanisms they’re using on adweek.com.

All in all, it is all about crafting new tactics that will develop stronger relationships with target audiences for marketers. Adjustments need to be made constantly in order to adapt to the latest trends and stay on the cutting edge as leading platforms evolve. As I wrote about here, Facebook has been clamping down on what they call ‘engagement baiting.’ In response, advertisers need to diversify and create versatile components within their overall approach.

If you are looking to create successful campaigns and reach out to more followers through social media, it is good to take a tactical approach. ASTRALCOM can help to increase engagement with your target audience, in part by staying ahead of the curve when it comes to algorithm changes and policy tweaks of the major online platforms. Contact us today and start reaping the fruits of an effective and comprehensive digital marketing strategy.