Cultivate Social Media Leads by Being an Outstanding Storyteller

Cultivate Social Media Leads by Being an Outstanding Storyteller

Story-telling in social mediaSocial media has given every person a unique opportunity to tell stories and to share content with a wide audience. Unfortunately, the race to win in the content marketing game has watered down the core of the message. Stories, for the most part, are no longer compelling. 95% of all content produced will likely not connect with a significant audience. Up to 60% of marketers do not have a working/written content strategy, and this is a tragedy. The sole focus for many is just to produce content and to get it out there, with no clear purpose. One strategy that marketers are relying on is creating viral content. Should the focus not be more on user engagement, usefulness, and empathy?

Individuals and brands are now competing to achieve relevance from their audience. With so many strong campaigns out there, how can one possibly stand out from the rest? In the era of mobile gadgets, it is safe to say that mobile usage is leading the way when it comes to digital marketing. To this end, if your organization is not mobile-friendly with your content development, this could soon lead to irrelevance. There is a misconception that people are no longer willing to read anything that looks longer than a paragraph. The reality is that people will be more than happy to read something that interests them, no matter how long.

Many times, social media campaigns do not address the needs of their intended followers enough. Brands are too eager selling themselves while losing focus on engagement. Instead of concentrating on impressions, why not zero in on expression from your audience? Create content which will compel people to take action. Engaging and entertaining content is the rule of the day, and when done right this can go viral.

How do you create the most compelling stories?

The first thing is to go back to the basics. Know the difference between a story and a narrative. A story has a plot, a sequence of events, and characters. A narrative is comprised of a sequence of events organized into a story. Anecdotes can also be important. They are tools that effectively illustrate points, from amusing themes to inspiration and tragedy. Outstanding stories are emotive, inspiring, useful, believable, and thoughtful, among others. For more great tips, check out LinkedIn’s awesome exposé.

Delivering awesome results in social media is easy when you tell a good story. For the most engaging stories, campaigns and promotions, ASTRALCOM is your trusted partner. Contact us today to get started on a journey toward achieving outstanding bottom-line results through engaging campaigns developed by ASTRALCOM.