Effective Ways to Clean Up Static Content

Effective Ways to Clean Up Static Content


Cluttered stagnant content eventually will not resonate with readers. From updates to stories to tweets, we’re so close to having a content overload at any given time. By acknowledging this, an effort to create better content will help to keep your prospects’ interest for a long time after they have clicked through to your site.

Here are three tips to consider when cleaning up your static content:

1. Determine what story your content is conveying

Your product has a voice. Understanding the relationship between your brand and your audience is a critical step. Familiarize yourself with every piece of information that is used to promote your marketing initiatives. Then ask yourself whether the content is telling a story that will support your campaign goals today, or in a few months to come.

2. Include interactivity with your content

Think about your room, you can organize it in so many ways. You can decide to change the colors, add accents, and even more importantly, add new people to occupy the space. All of these things can help your room to come back to life. In the same way, you can refresh your content by transforming the space where that content lives with interactive elements. If you include a story that supports your marketing campaign initiatives, then adding interactivity into your story will bring a great opportunity for your audience to engage with your message that you may not have seen before.

3. Your options must be geared toward your buyer’s journey

If your content and campaign goal is geared towards creating awareness, you may decide to incorporate interactive infographics and quizzes. It’s important to keep in mind that comprehensive data or content can support the buyers that have interacted with your brand in the past and who are now looking for a detailed perspective concerning your product or service.

For more information, Kate Mills of Ion Interactive actually has a great article about cleaning up static content here.

Like annual reports, which I wrote about here, infographics and quizzes can help you to start a dialogue with your prospects by using eye-catching elements that will lead to data-driven insights.

If you’re looking for help finding effective ways to clean up your static content, ASTRALCOM is the answer. We have many years of experience in creating engaging content as well as helping organizations to update their message to reach new audiences. Reach out to us today to start a conversation about your content needs!