You Can Choose To Go Long

You Can Choose To Go Long

Long straight hairLet’s face it, many marketers in the digital age seemingly are struggling to overcome the short attention spans of their customers and prospects. Yet, traditional direct-response marketers know that long copy has always performed well. In this modern era, marketers have often been afraid of publishing longer copy. But according to Daniel Burstein with the Meclabs Institute, it may be very helpful to consider the benefits that can come with longer-copy landing pages.

When Burstein mentions that going long can be a better option, he does not mean creating filibuster landing pages that lack value. Long landing pages are supposed to help customers have a better connection with the value of your product or service. The whole idea is to encourage copywriters and marketers to start changing their paradigm and begin to at least test long-copy landing pages.

Long copy must address the customer’s concerns, fears, and pain. They too have hopes and dreams. The moment your landing page addresses these core elements, helps them solve their problems, and meet their goals, the response will likely be overwhelming. A long copy landing page can also help marketers to take advantage of this space by emphasizing strong points that will give their product an edge over the competition.

Avoid adding points and other content that only serve to make your landing page longer and does not add anything of value. Try to identify these fluff type elements and leave them out. A perfect landing page should be able to answer objections that are likely to be raised by your potential customers. Each time clients express some interest in your product, different objections will pop into their mind which may stop them from buying if they don’t find the answers they’re looking for. To read Burstein’s full article on Target Marketing Magazine’s site, click here

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