Walgreens Introduces a Digital Marketplace

Walgreens Introduces a Digital Marketplace


Walgreens Takes the Complexity out of Healthcare through a Digital Platform

Being a household name is just the beginning, as Walgreens’ new digital strategy proves. The drugstore brand just launched a digital platform called “Find Care Now,” making it competitive with ZocDoc and other online find-a-practitioner services.

Walgreens’ digital user base is staggering – with 50 million downloads and 5 million active users, there are plenty of opportunities to reach a wide customer set. Find Care Now leverages location data to pair people with a doctor, nurse practitioner, urgent care center or mental health therapist, which could provide clear benefits to on-the-go mobile users.

Find Care Now will be integrated into the existing mobile app, lowering the barrier to entry for Walgreens’ significant user base. The service also exists online for desktop users. In the spirit of general consolidation, Walgreens is positioning itself to become the one-stop-shop for all things health-related, according to an article in Marketing Dive. This is a significant change in approach and represents a concerted effort to appeal to customers who are fatigued or confused by the increasing lack of clarity around healthcare. In fact, when customers are in need of clinicians, lab diagnostics and non-urgent issues, they’ll be directed to Walgreens’ Healthcare Clinic, a retail clinic that exists at a growing number of Walgreens locations.

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