How To Prioritize Volume and Performance Content Marketing

How To Prioritize Volume and Performance Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Pace or Performance: What Should Marketers Care About?

More is better, right? I don’t know about you – but I’m overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of digital content that floods the web every day. Brands are often faced with a legitimate dilemma in content marketing. Should they make more, or should they focus their efforts on content’s results?

MarTech Advisor has an important point of view on what they call the battle of peak vs. performance.  If a brand has ticked all the boxes on content they’ve planned to publish in a given period of time, they may think they’re all set. In fact, I’m a strong believer in the value of planning and executing on content as key to any digital strategy.

However, the work doesn’t end once you hit your targets on publishing a certain quantity at scale. Before you rest on your laurels, take a close look at your analytics to see how your content is performing over time. The data behind your content’s performance is the key to helping you plan for future marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for smart ways to measure your brand’s effectiveness, contact us.  ASTRALCOM will help you learn from your patterns and decode your analytics to drive meaningful interactions with your content marketing.