Local is the New Marketing: Predictions for 2019

Local is the New Marketing: Predictions for 2019

Going Local is the Future of Marketing


Big news for small, local businesses: local advertising has more clout than ever in 2019. Customized, tailored ad content is the key to success. Not only does targeted marketing lend itself to better storytelling, but it also creates more relevancy and immediacy for customers who have unmet needs in the here-and-now. An article in Martech Advisor suggests that this year, marketing is entering the “Age of Local,” influenced by factors as diverse as an increase in connected television viewers and local-first trends in recruitment advertising.

The more dynamic and living advertising is, the stronger it will be. For this reason, many brands may opt for a primarily programmatic approach to keep their content marketing relevant and fresh. This is especially the case in sectors like healthcare and education.

One thing is certain – content marketing is on the rise. Customers now expect that the brands and companies they buy from bring a compelling, appetizing story to the table.

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