In Content Marketing for Healthcare, Compassion Wins

In Content Marketing for Healthcare, Compassion Wins

How To Work Toward Patient Empowerment through Content Marketing


Many of us can relate to the experience of getting sick, looking up symptoms online and feeling overwhelmed. The enormous amount of health-related data online comes with conflicting opinions and stems from sources that are either not vetted, seeking to push an agenda or fail to deliver information in a humane way.

Healthcare has been insulated through B2B business practices for decades. Digital content requires a consumer-friendliness that many healthcare brands are struggling to find. How can healthcare brands appear approachable, helpful, even curative when their messages are either black-and-white or impossible for the layman to understand?

According to a recent article in Skyword Content Standard, we are on the precipice of a major transformation in healthcare companies’ content practices. Patient-driven content that privileges an everyday reader with little background, no prior knowledge and a sensitive desire for answers is a very promising direction for healthcare marketing.

There are dangers in casual self-diagnosis and relying on “Dr. Google” to assess serious health issues. At the same time, healthcare companies seeking to empower their patients with access to approachable knowledge have to take a bet of confidence and assume a certain level of intelligence, proactivity and a desire to get healthy on the part of their patients.

Needless to say, striking the right tone in healthcare marketing is no easy task. ASTRALCOM is here to help you address your branding, storytelling and marketing strategy to patients across the healthcare sector. Get in touch with us today.