Five Critical Mistakes to Avoid with Your Marketing Strategy

Five Critical Mistakes to Avoid with Your Marketing Strategy

Thinking Big Will Help You Avoid Common Marketing Pitfalls


It’s not easy, being a compelling marketer. However, there are common patterns that lead to brands’ failures. Time and again, the things an organization thinks they want are not actually the best, most strategic solutions to their deeper issues. An article in Forbes declares five of the most common marketing missteps – and I couldn’t agree more.

The first of these is around asking for small fixes when what’s needed is a larger vision. For instance, a company who wants to improve SEO but has no fully built content strategy to engage customers or grow conversions once customers reach their site should reconsider. Have a strategy for your content – don’t just patch the evident gaps.

Another common mistake that can feel like “staying competitive” by reacting to market forces can actually manifest as a failure to set goals. Through a discrete, defined set of target outcomes, a company can define clear Key Performance Indicators to track their progress toward a goal or set of goals. If KPI’s go unmet within a certain span of time, it’s a good idea to reflect, make decisions and pivot your strategy.

Lastly, how clearly a company defines its audience or target customer is essential to success. If an audience has no defining characteristics, chances are your content won’t grab them. As I’ve said in the past, you have to have a personality in content marketing these days – and in order to do that, you have to know who you’re talking to, and what you want from them in terms of sales, loyalty, and conversions.

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