For Healthcare Marketers, Value Generation Poses Incremental Challenges

For Healthcare Marketers, Value Generation Poses Incremental Challenges

Health is Personal – and Healthcare Marketing Needs to Reach Customers’ Diverse Needs

bright-cardiac-cardiology-webWhen it comes to healthcare marketing, there’s no single way to best reach customers. For as much as marketers are required to hustle and generate ROI, in the world of health there is little room for smoke and mirrors. Traditional best practices for ads, social media and content marketing need to be tweaked in a healthcare context. A broad strategy that targets multiple segments and demographics is unlikely to succeed – and whether your audience is B2B or B2C, it’s essential to lean into tested, proven value-adding services and experiences. Quality is key at every stage in the marketing journey.

An article in Entrepreneur articulates some of the complexity in B2B Healthcare marketing. Simply put, doctors’ time is at a premium. Any digital innovation or new tool that targets doctors as users should have low barriers to entry and an instantly recognizable value proposition – otherwise, it is unlikely to fit into doctors’ busy practices.

When it comes to B2C, a similar strategic imperative holds true. Patients are a diverse, complex segment with a tremendous variety of needs. Assessing the lifetime value of a single patient requires a nuanced understanding of what they need and how to offer them the best possible experience. As I have written about in the past, content marketing that feels human and honest is the first step in establishing a meaningful patient relationship.

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