The Case for Local Healthcare

The Case for Local Healthcare

Why Healthcare Facilities Benefit from Going Local – and What’s Changed


What is the healthcare system doing to affect change at the level of patient services? According to a recent editorial on this topic, hospital systems are in the midst of a major transition moment characterized by consolidation and conglomeration. Hospitals and healthcare practices are linking up in order to leverage scale and cut operational costs. The trend coincides with a national need for increasingly local health outreach models in order for providers to effectively gather public health data on the specific populations who need care.

Patient needs and corporate healthcare needs are at odds with one another – a systemic challenge that is as affected by market shifts as it is by federal agencies. The current state of things positions important data in a holding pattern that makes it difficult for decision-makers to act on.

When hospitals go local in a real way, the community benefit hospitals seize on to remain tax-exempt can be an essential piece of their operating models. Plus, in a local model with a leaner data feedback loop, real patient needs can be evaluated and acted on in a systematic fashion.

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