How to Get Your Products Front and Center to Increase SEO Conversions

How to Get Your Products Front and Center to Increase SEO Conversions


What is Retargeting and Why Does it Matter?

SEO is all about helping users find and connect with the most relevant information online. Its usefulness as a sales funnel is another story – as a recent article in Practical Ecommerce puts it, a frequent complaint about SEO is that it drives content and brand visibility without translating to many sales. If this is a familiar story for you, retargeting may be a useful strategy to consider.

Retargeting is an advertising strategy that relies on cookies to display sidebar or banner ads to users across a variety of websites based on their search history. When you retarget a user, chances are you’re nudging them towards a purchase they were already considering.

Retargeting is not without its critics – some complain that the appearance of ads across sites feels intrusive. It’s worth considering whether your brand is conducive to the retargeting experience, or giving it a try to measure up its ROI across your SEO strategy. As I’m fond of discussing, your brand is made by the content you make available to customers – retargeting may just be another way for the right customers to track you down and keep your offerings front of mind.

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