Millennials and Suburbs are a Match Made in Heaven

Millennials and Suburbs are a Match Made in Heaven

Surprise! Millennials Love Life in the ‘Burbs


Conventional knowledge tells us that the Millennial generation wants to be in cities above all else. As I’ve written about before, Millennials are a complex customer group that has often been said to shirk conventional lifestyles and shrug off the American Dream. And yet, new research and a series of surprising articles are making the case for a deep-seated desire among Millennials to settle down where their parents’ generation did – in the suburbs of large cities.

For homebuilders, this is big news. Millennials with enhanced buying power are typically college-educated, starting young families and gaining career momentum. This translates to homebuying readiness. The army of 23-38-year-old Americans is choosing to settle down in suburban environments that position them near enough to cities, but likely also to afford the comforts and privacy of a semi-secluded life.

When it comes to reaching Millennials, stand-out marketing goes a long way. This crowd is native to social media and seeks honest, thoughtful content across channels. Creating a new home in an unfamiliar place is an emotional topic and requires a sensitive eye to detail and careful play on trends, themes, and stories that will resonate.

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