How To Connect SEO Enhancements with Profit

How To Connect SEO Enhancements with Profit

What Does Your Business’ ROI Calculation Look Like?


There is no shortage of ways to invest your time, energy and resources when it comes to building out a healthy SEO strategy. And yet, it is often unclear in discrete dollars and cents how profitable your SEO enhancements are or might be. As I’ve discussed in the past, SEO is essential for generating more traffic to your website and thereby increases sales – however as we know, traffic and sales are not a one-to-one match.

Calculating a refined return on investment takes additional key factors into consideration. First, look into conversions. This will look different depending on what sorts of calls to action your site offers to users – if you are an e-commerce site directly selling product, you can map conversions fairly simply. However, if you are a lead-based business in which conversions are an in-person visit or something similar, your team can determine how different traffic patterns result in sales and assign a value to each traffic pattern. Or, if your conversion points are document downloads, email sign-ups, on-page activity, or other clickable actions, those can all be measured and optimized for maximum outcomes.

On yet another level, creating revenue goals around each of your channels is essential here – especially for local businesses. As Search Engine Journal puts it, lining up target conversion rate and sales quotient for each recipient of, say, an e-mail newsletter or each reader of a blog post, can help you to track the revenue generated against a specific goal.

Analyzing SEO with Google Analytics is a question of measuring what you gain against what you spend, then calculating a percentage and watching that number over time. This requires dedicated effort and attention to the shifting content needs your users are responding to as their usage needs evolve.

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