Music, Artists and What it Means to Build Content For a Living

Music, Artists and What it Means to Build Content For a Living

What Musicians Can Teach Us About Content Marketing


If you’re ever going to over-index in one area of content marketing, doing so with a strong sense of brand voice and authenticity is the way to go. I have written in the past about the imperative to be real, unique and personal in order to gain traction on the social media front – these principles hold true, I would argue, across channels.

A recent article offers a very compelling examination of how musical artists are the original content marketers – and that their urgent plays at personality, story and a desire to build a movement are tactics that brands can learn a lot from. When you consider the attention-grabbing quality of material shared by today’s leading musical artists, it’s no surprise that they’re able to build and retain a strong digital audience. Their online presence is a reinforcement of the value and power they offer their audience offline – that is to say, music and performances – much in the way that brands’ true value and offering exists in far deeper and higher-impact ways than online.

When it comes to building loyalty with followers, readers, and subscribers, what can you do to empower them to help own and amplify your story? For musicians, the analogous effect is “going viral” and seeing their material in the hands of many other unknown people. What could loyalty like this look like for your brand?

Lastly, providing your audience with a clear call to action means if your content resonated with them, they can execute on the momentum you’ve built up and go out and do – or buy – something. Make sure that all content you put out into the world clearly drives toward the type of action that best reinforces your brand – even if that is as simple as driving a sale or pushing forth a deal.

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