How To Know if your Benchmarks are Measuring the Right Thing

How To Know if your Benchmarks are Measuring the Right Thing

Benchmarking for Content Marketing is Not as Simple as it Appears

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Benchmarking, or the process of holding your content marketing to a specific set of standards and expected results, is a complex, hairy task that can be addressed in many different ways. When it comes to benchmarking, it’s important to take a glass-half-full approach. In other words, you won’t do your business any favors by measuring your social media traction against your competitors, or by seeking to outdo other marketers. Rather, ask yourself probing questions about how the content you’re putting out into the world is driving the actions you want customers/readers/users to take.

Qualifying your business’ metrics on a month-by-month basis is an incredibly valuable way to identify trends and set goals around gap areas or business deficiencies. To that end, as NewsCred put it recently, the best benchmarks for you are the ones you make for yourself. Only you and your team can identify what standards and norms look like for your business – from these, your campaigns should be building toward something aspirational.

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