How SEO Metrics Apply To You

How SEO Metrics Apply To You

What Are the Established Forms of Measurement for SEO?

SEO Performance

We talk a lot about the workflow underlying SEO and content strategy at ASTRALCOM. A more nuanced way to understand the impact of efforts taken on an SEO level comes by examining how a site lives up to the key, established metrics.

Tracking your site’s performance is a crucial step before you proceed with fixes, enhancements or add-ons. As Business2Community shared in a recent video, some metrics come from tools whereas others come from analytics platforms. MOZ DA, or Domain Authority, can help you understand how many high quality backlinks your site has. On a scale of 0-100, MOZ DA helps determine how credible and authoritative your site is. This metric is strongly connected to your page rank – which is an important data point but is not the single definitive factor. This is because Google’s algorithm is less concerned about your page rank – and is more concerned with its own page rank. Similarly, SEMRUSH offers a ranking system that mimics Google’s page rank to determine site authority.

Ahref is another notable SEO tool that shows you backlinks and keywords – which can be tremendously useful but requires a paid subscription.

As a business owner, identifying how you leverage metrics and SEO tools to better understand how and why your site’s content is landed with users is critical to your marketing strategy. If you are looking for ways to gather and synthesize this data, ASTRALCOM can help. Partner with us for full-service content marketing and SEO strategy. Get in touch today.