Easy Reminders to Continually Optimize For SEO

Easy Reminders to Continually Optimize For SEO

Playing Nice with SEO Can Be Simple


Calling all e-commerce businesses! Launching your site is a major accomplishment – and is just the beginning of managing your online content and digital experience. As I’ve discussed in the past, e-commerce sites need a powerful meta- and micro-data backbone in order to be visible to search engines. In other words, your key task is to establish a strong schema that will drive and optimize search engine traffic to your site.

Forbes defines schema as “a type of microdata that makes it easier for search engines to parse and interpret the information on your web pages more effectively so they can serve relevant results to users based on search queries.” For you, this means digging into the layers of your site to determine where you can bulk up schema via a few quick key areas.

First of these is captioning. All images within blog posts and other site areas should be captioned effectively. This will help explain what images are and why you chose them – both for users and for Google. Go keyword crazy. Secondary keywords, in particular, are easy to overlook – don’t hold back in using secondary keywords for product descriptions. Similarly, apply alt tags to every image.

When it comes to blogs, high word-counts and descriptive copy are your friends. High quality, long-form blog posts are a very effective way to drive traffic – as is an FAQ page, which can structure how you present data differently than you might think to display it elsewhere.

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