Local SEO For Beginners

Local SEO For Beginners

How To Ensure That Your Local SEO Efforts Drive Results


As I have written about here and here, the trend of optimizing business’ sites for local search is not going anywhere anytime soon. Local search is becoming vernacular for digital natives and customers across segments – and it’s pervasive. People can ask their voice assistants for a quick, off the cuff recommendation; and Google practically completes the “near me” phrase at the end of every relevant query you type into the search engine.

Search Engine Journal recently published a comprehensive list of tips and approaches to follow to get started setting up a local SEO plan and corresponding workflow. Here are some of the most crucial themes:

■ Get organized on Google My Business. This is the number one place (outside of your site itself) to establish key data points, keywords, and boost your visibility.

■ Stay social. Think of Google My Business as just an extension of exiting communications plans for other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Keeping an active profile across these sites will also benefit your SEO status.

■ Keep a healthy review status. Check-in on Google reviews and create opportunities for customers to engage with you on Yelp, Foursquare, etc. by offering check-in deals and incentivizing their participation in reviewing you. User-generated content is an essential way to build trust – and it never hurts to have additional cross-links of your business across more platforms.

■ Make the locals happy. This may go without saying – but getting engaged in event-based marketing can help build a community around your brand IRL and can increase cross-listing of your business on local sites that promote events.

If you’re a local business looking for ways to go all-in on local SEO, ASTRALCOM is here to help you match your goals with today’s best digital channels. Reach out to learn more about our expertise.