The Value of Creativity for Your Brand

The Value of Creativity for Your Brand

In the Business of Content, Making Yourself More Memorable is a Powerful Way to Boost Your Brand – and Ensure a Strong ROI.

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Creativity is a two-way street – when a person interacts with interesting, compelling content that someone spent creative energy making, chances are they are more likely to find it memorable and exciting. Most people would be hard-pressed to question the depth and meaning creativity can bring to our experiences when it comes to movies, stories, art, food, and entertainment. Experiences like these are all about finding the right recipe of creative energy to build a unique, memorable moment. Similarly, coming upon a powerfully crafted campaign, article, infographic or social initiative can feel like magic. Coincidentally, Google calls this very moment the ZMOT – zero moment of truth.

As I’ve written about in the past, today’s marketers know that experience matters. And yet – in a world where engagement is increasingly quantifiable and data is used to inform every business’ bottom line, content that is created to elicit an emotional response grows increasingly more difficult to justify. There is an interesting tension between the emotional quality generated by creative content, and the data-driven approaches executives demand.

While emotional value may be difficult to quantify, big players like Adobe and Google make a strong case for continuing to support creative work as a way to build up a brand. The ability to feel a strong affinity for a brand is directly related to the ability to make a decision (read: purchase) that favors the brand. Depending on the nature of the creative work, it might make sense to use performance data and metrics to optimize an experience once it is launched and in users’ hands. On the flip side, for more static content, marketers can use data and engagement stats to reveal insights about what is and isn’t working with different audiences – which can offer compelling fodder for new creative directions.

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