Have You Tested The Effectiveness of Your Marketing Lately?

Have You Tested The Effectiveness of Your Marketing Lately?

How to See if Your Content Marketing Strategy is Working

Content Marketing Strategy

A new year is a great time to establish a new set of priorities for marketing your company. At ASTRALCOM, we are no strangers to the idea that content marketing should correlate to an increase in sales and added value – both for you and for your target customers. That’s why we encourage you to take a look at how your content marketing is performing and set some new goals to make 2020 a year of high-impact and promising returns.

The first of several key areas where content marketing is helpful is discover-ability. Being findable online is key these days – and good content should carefully, thoughtfully include relevant keywords and essential information that can be referenced by – and add value to – other credible websites. To see how findable you are, it’s important to run frequent searches for your business and see how close you are to the top of the page. Ideally, you want to appear in the top three search results.

Aside from SEO, you can help customers find you through social media. Make sure to keep track of the instances when other parties share the content you post to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others – Google Analytics can help you understand if this is a useful way for users to find you. Google Analytics can also help you determine whether or not site visits are from your target audience. Do visits lead to sales? Are users going to the right pages to get the information they need to inform a purchase? And, perhaps most importantly, are you keeping track of your sales data?

At ASTRALCOM, we are experts in taking content to the next level in order to build reliable marketing strategies. If you’re looking to boost your SEO and drive more conversions from engaged users, ASTRALCOM can help. Get in touch today.