Have You Incorporated a Sticky Footer on Your Site?

Have You Incorporated a Sticky Footer on Your Site?

Make It Easy for Users To Trust & Purchase From You with a Sticky Footer

E-commerce website optimization

E-commerce website optimization is a frequent area of discussion at ASTRALCOM. We obsess over ways to drive conversions and impact through clear, easy-to-navigate web solutions. Let’s dive into the case for a sticky footer.

A footer is the bar of “small text,” useful information at the bottom of a website. On most web pages, a user scrolls all the way to the bottom down to see the footer. In the case of a sticky footer, that information is always visible at the lower part of the user’s browser as they scrolls down the page – meaning they aren’t required to scroll ad infinitum in order to see the details in the footer. If your site has a long homepage or long scrolls are required on purchase pages, sticky footers are a great way to ensure that users can get to the CTA with as little difficulty as possible.

Additionally, there’s the case to be made that footers add credibility to a site. While long-scroll or infinite scroll sites certainly have an elegant, on-trend feel, most users expect to see key details at the bottom of a site that can ground a company in credible, reliable facts. Some of these might include a link to a “contact us” page, a phone number, an address, an FAQ page link, a privacy policy, and clickable social media icons. Not only are these details useful in offering legitimacy – they can add a boost to your SEO.

Sticky footers can play the role of containing certain CTA’s. A persistent call to action – such as an “opt-in to email communications” box, discount code or a link to another essential page on your site can add relevance and timeliness. When CTA information is helpful, relevant and up to date, customers are more likely to engage.

If you’re looking to find ways to boost your digital impact, consider partnering with ASTRALCOM today. We’re experts in content marketing & driving conversions.