What Is The Secret To Increasing Your SEO Ranking?

What Is The Secret To Increasing Your SEO Ranking?

From The Horse’s Mouth: Google’s John Mueller Answers Key SEO Questions

Google’s John Mueller Answers Key SEO Questions

While persistent shifts in Google’s search algorithm can make SEO a challenging animal, Google does a nice job of communicating with the SEO and web marketing community about how to play and step up one’s game. Recently, Google’s John Mueller posted a helpful video in which he addresses some common SEO questions. Here are my favorites:

• How long should a page’s description meta tag or title tag be? While there is no perfect fixed length, as long as your meta tags and title tags are relevant, unique, useful, you’re in good shape. Put the essential information that people are looking for front and center so that Google can highlight your pages optimally.

• Do keywords and URLs actually matter? The words within your URLs do not play a significant role for webpages – however, most content management systems make it easy to use them, and visitors to your site might find in-URL words useful or memorable. Google’s algorithm does rely on in-URL words for image files – so cuterobot.gif is a better choice than image-1138.gif.

• What is the secret to ranking better? The truth is, having a website that’s on a technically sound foundation and has relevant, awesome content means you’re starting strong. Set yourself apart by leaning into great content that’s compelling for human beings, and it’s likely to also be compelling for search engines. Google’s algorithms are not qualifying a site based on volume alone – they don’t count the words on a page. If you want your pages to rise to the top of the rankings, put out high-quality content.

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