Here’s How Psychology Powers Effective Web Design

Here’s How Psychology Powers Effective Web Design

Effective Web Design Can Effective Web Design Be as Simple as a Checklist?

User-centric web design prioritizes a person’s experience on the web over the technical or business priorities that go into a website. At ASTRALCOM, we are constantly looking at the intersections between psychology, design, and marketing. Customers are just people, after all. Working from a thoughtful standpoint that privileges their psychology will help you build the most easy-to-use, navigable, high impact web designs possible.

Have you ever found yourself in a position to create a landing page from scratch? Begin from a place of empathy with your target end-user to draw them in with rich, compelling visuals; language that is easy to recall and to comprehend; and calls to action that are clear and engaging.

The experts at the MECLABS Institute recently released this helpful tool to make the wireframing process easier by auditing each standard component of a web page and evaluate its usefulness against real customer psychology. Treating this as a template, ask yourself: are we meeting customers’ needs in a way that’s inviting? Does our brand stand out against competitors in our industry? Is all of the essential information a customer needs accessible within a quick glance at our homepage?

If you are a small business and are ready to drive strong results with a web re-design, we can help. Make ASTRALCOM your partner to help you connect with your customers’ needs and ways of thinking. Reach out to learn more about us.