A Brave New World For Marketing Initiatives

A Brave New World For Marketing Initiatives

What Are The Most Important Marketing Initiatives of 2020?

Most Important Marketing Initiatives of 2020

A recent research report examines the most important projects, priorities and pressing initiatives that marketing executives and changemakers will be focused on in 2020. Specifically of interest to me, the report details how the shifting marketing landscape affects workflows, overall strategies and day-to-day operations for marketers and digital teams across sectors.

In general, there is an overwhelming interest among business leaders in creating measurable, impact-driven marketing whose results make a strong business case for the effort and resources involved in key activities. Unsurprisingly, we see a heavy lean toward streamlining operations that favor efficiency. Now more than ever, marketers are eager to make the absolute most of their time, budget and resources. Marketing campaigns need to be efficient in order to be effective. This is because a repeatable, structured workflow around campaigns reduces friction between projects and lends itself to expediency at all levels. The trajectory from a clear workflow to a measurable outcome is not complicated – being able to measure the impact and attribute ROI to key marketing activities is core to any executive marketer, a topic I’ve investigated in the past. More than 60% of marketers are pressured by operational leaders or board members to prove why they need to spend what they’re spending on marketing – which is why it’s essential to implement clear, documentable strategies that offer an unambiguous account of how, when and why resources are allocated. Not only will this please stakeholders throughout your business – it will help you keep a firm grip on the realities of outcome-driven marketing.

In keeping with the theme of efficiency, another key initiative this year will be speeding up the execution of campaigns and reducing the time from ideation to launch. This means trimming the fat across business activities, reducing time sucks and spin, and making it easy for those executing the work to get it out in the world with minimal hurdles.

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