Our Job, As Marketers, During This Crisis

Our Job, As Marketers, During This Crisis

Leveraging Market Circumstances

Marketing During a Crisis

The current business climate is certainly unprecedented. There is an abundance of fear and negative economic conversation, which often leads to hasty actions and potentially disastrous outcomes. As the great frontman for INXS, Michael Hutchence, once sang, “Words are weapons sharper than knives.”

While there may be good reason to take precautions, it is our obligation, as marketers, to change the tone and the trajectory of the conversation.

It is our duty to our clients, our businesses, our customers and to ourselves, to begin to reframe the conversation in a more positive manner. It is our job to help uplift and to educate. To inform and to inspire. Indeed, the sooner we can turn the conversation around, the quicker we can all recover and return to a sense of economic normalcy.

If ever there was a time for marketers to deploy the magic of their art, it is now. For it is the power of marketing that will help bring our economy back to whole. What we say – and how we say it – to prospects and customers during this crisis, is critical.

So, I ask you to please consider how your messaging in marketing and advertising, and communications with prospects and customers is worded. There are many effective ways to simultaneously address the crisis, while also allaying fears and still inspiring customers. In fact, savvy and sensitive businesses of all types are leveraging market circumstances and creating stronger relationships – and subsequent sales – with consumers, during this period.

This may seem counterintuitive, yet I urge you to stay involved with your prospects and customers, now and going forward.

If you’re not sure what to do, or how to do it, let’s chat. Let’s have a pro bono discussion and explore ways to keep your prospects and customers buying from you. We’re in this together and we can work through it together.