A Guide to Thoughtful Messaging in the Time of COVID-19

A Guide to Thoughtful Messaging in the Time of COVID-19

How To Stay Authentic and Compassionate as a Marketer Today

Stay Authentic and Compassionate

We’ve all seen our inboxes blowing up, our social feeds overtaken and our private worlds flooded with thoughts, feelings and…yes, promotions….amid the COVID-19 outbreak. At ASTRALCOM, we believe that brands can show up in a way that is meaningful and with high-impact today, perhaps more than ever. It is incumbent upon us as marketers to bring a sense of hope, restored economic faith, and stability to online discourse as much as we can.

At the same time, presenting a message that either neglects to recognize the gravity of today’s pandemic, or to present yourself to customers with a “business as usual” gloss, is bound to come off as tone-deaf at best – cringe-worthy at worst.

How can marketers stay strategic and relevant in their messaging? It starts with staying informed and putting your customers first. How can you empathize with their situation? When I devise content marketing strategies, I talk a lot about playing the role of the guide or offering value-adding context before swooping in with sales language. These days, adding value and acting helpful are more relevant than ever. Lead with compassion, be informed about the issues and pressing matters that are most critical to your customer, and link your messaging to promises you can deliver on as a business.

Now is not the time to go silent – however, customers’ scrutiny is higher than ever as many brands have fallen to opportunistic lows to capitalize on the pandemic without realizing the impact of their messages. We have work to do to restore customers’ faith in brand equity and in the products, services, and experiences they love and trust. If you’re a business looking to find ways to refine your message against the backdrop of the coronavirus, ASTRALCOM can help. Get in touch today.