Why is Content Marketing Still Crucial During This Pandemic?

Why is Content Marketing Still Crucial During This Pandemic?

In These Times, Content Marketing Functions Like a Much-Needed Love Letter To Your Customers

Content Marketing

Springtime is often a moment for brands and big businesses to join up, celebrate, and embark on a powerful thought leadership journey together. IBM’s Think, SXSW, and Adobe Summit are just a few of the venues famed for uniting marketers and great thinkers across sectors. Since COVID-19 has led to the cancelation and postponement of many such conferences, marketers across the globe are challenged to find alternative outlets and new ways of reaching out to extend their content pipelines to current and existing partners and customers.

Budgets that have been allocated for trade shows, collateral, and expenses around conferences need a new home, for some companies. Content marketing is a safe and productive place to turn in times like these. Content marketing’s holistic approach across digital marketing channels is inclusive of email, social media, SEO, and paid media. Content marketing is known to increase the value of an ongoing relationship between brands and customers through content that is non-promotional, not sales-y, and provides some form of value at every touch. Content marketing turns brands into storytellers and authorities in relevant topics. Now is a time for brands to gain trust by offering useful, inspiring, educational or entertaining content. While the rest of our lives face massive disruption, connections between people and the brands they love can hold strong with good content marketing.

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