Brands Who are Succeeding During the Pandemic: 2 Case Studies

Brands Who are Succeeding During the Pandemic: 2 Case Studies

Real-World Examples of Success During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Examples of Success During the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the second month of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, I don’t have to tell you how many businesses were forced to shut down; some never to return. Scary, unpredictable, and insecure times we find ourselves in. However, in the midst of this uncertainty, some businesses are indeed succeeding – and it’s not by accident. These businesses were able to pivot their offerings, processes, and marketing tactics to not only fit the circumstances but to provide valuable services to consumers in need.

Case Study #1:

For example, one of our clients operates a chain of 30+ casual dining restaurants. Given the circumstances, the client had to cease in-restaurant dining at all locations and rely exclusively on delivery and pick-up orders. Of course, that meant also reducing their staff at all locations. As with any dining establishment that would have to do this, it was a definite challenge. Nevertheless, they understood that there could be a silver lining in the midst of this. At the outset of the lockdown, we worked with them to reconfigure their digital marketing strategy and focused solely on tactics that would bring them the best return on advertising spend (ROAS), by helping meet the physical needs of the people in the communities they serve.

We figured, given the stoppage of in-restaurant dining, that a good ROAS would be a 5:1 return. We certainly didn’t expect a 51:1 return. And that is what April’s results delivered: an outstanding 5,137% ROAS! That’s 413% better than their other agency.

Tremendous ROAS Performance

Case Study #2:

As suggested in our post on Marketing Tactics to Engage in During the Covid-19 Crisis, our regional flower and gift delivery-chain client took advantage of the circumstances, rather than shutting down completely. While they closed their physical locations, we helped them quickly develop a focused tactical plan to address the emotional needs of people who wanted to connect with family and loved ones. Ultimately, we felt that people would need a way to express their feelings and still celebrate occasions since face-to-face visits were out of the question. We cut spending by 20% as a cautionary move, as can be seen by the small increase in new users. Notwithstanding, after just one month – spending less that same time in the previous year – the results were phenomenal:

Aside from nice double-digit lifts in the typical KPI’s, we also saw the following significant increases:

• Conversion rate elevated by 139%
• Transactions increased by 148%
• Revenue jumped by 146%

While we expected double-digit increases in these above three areas, we definitely did not anticipate triple-digit gains.

Example of Excellent KPIs

You can be sure that in most cases, even now, people are looking for what you’re selling. It may be that fewer people are looking now, but the ones that are should be connecting with your brand now and in post-pandemic times. As more traffic moves online during these coming months, you should be reaching them when and where they are looking. Making new customer relationships now will pay you back exponentially, going forward. If you’re ready, so are we. Let’s make it happen for you, too.