The Power of Building an Emotional Connection with Your Customer

The Power of Building an Emotional Connection with Your Customer

When It Comes to Good Marketing, Customers’ Feelings are Facts.

When It Comes to Good Marketing, Customers’ Feelings are Facts

Perhaps you’ve heard the adage that people are not likely to remember exactly what you say – they’re far more likely to remember how you made them feel. The marketing community often discusses empathy and connection as pre-eminent ways to build brands’ momentum. I have been writing a great deal about the need for brands to step up, adopt a powerful point of view, and create salient content marketing that will resonate with customers during the pandemic. Good marketing will naturally build an emotional connection between you and your audience. Your customers are intelligent, savvy people – they’re not living under a rock. For them to connect with you on an emotional level, you have to gain their trust. Don’t come in hot with salesy, gimmicky content that takes advantage of people – especially with the sensitive, life-changing daily impact of COVID-19. Instead, create meaningful, relatable content that is as informative as it is emotionally compelling.

As you generate content, experiment with the idea that instead of selling something, you’re communicating valuable information. Perhaps you’re offering a moment of entertainment, humor, heartfelt ideas, or a compelling story. Once you hook enough visitors, you can re-target different messages to them based on how they engage. This tiered approach is more strategic and will save you from pouring money into ad spend. Plus, content that builds a strong connection is likely to remain relevant for your brand in the long run and can be re-used in the future.

It may seem counterintuitive to “scale” your authenticity. However, once you uncover the secret sauce of connecting with customers’ emotions, it will not do your brand any favors to backpedal or start pushing vanilla, boring content. Plan your stories – from there, your content strategy will emerge with ease. Once your message is in place, you can consider the best uses of channels from social media to your website, e-mail marketing to videos, etc. Think of each touchpoint as a thought leadership moment that may not only convert a new customer – it will allow you to re-connect with existing customers and add value for them, as well.

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