Tactical Marketing During the Pandemic

Tactical Marketing During the Pandemic

Tactical Marketing During the PandemicAuthentic Marketing, Everyday Influencers and Reframing Urgent Needs During the COVID Crisis.

We are coping through an unprecedented moment of crisis – and yet, marketers have a tremendous amount of work to do. Digital experiences are more important than ever before – and, some argue, they will remain that way. And while being brand-centric is always crucial, the extent of suffering hitting everyone – companies, consumers, local and national governments – is enormous. It is imperative to display care, empathy, and trustworthiness in your brand messaging. Tact comes first – ROI comes second.

As I’ve written about in a recent post, people are online more than ever – we see exponential increases in online shopping, web traffic, and social media usage. The cornerstones of life and society have moved online, and this time is likely to push digital habits to even greater heights in the future. While people are filling their time online, advertisers also see big spikes in engagement. Instagram ad posts have attracted 76% more likes than in previous times, for instance – which makes sense on a platform as visual and friendly as Instagram. Brands that are authentic, human, and who show up with great feeling will have the most significant traction during these uncertain times. Well before COVID-19 even existed, 90% of millennials cited real-ness or authenticity as an essential factor in choosing a brand.

One interesting way to “keep it real” is to work with everyday influencers on social media platforms. While celebrity influencers have stolen the spotlight in the past, they are less likely to motivate a conversion these days simply because they lack a shared context or frame of reference with your customer. Everyday influencers are real, relatable people who look like your customer, feel neighborly or familial, and act as a trusted “word-of-mouth” figure in the digital age. They share emotionally engaging, relatable content that addresses a feeling or need your customer has. To work with everyday influencers, tap into your current customer base. Lean on your data or your CRM. Build a content strategy and let organic social media behavior do the rest.

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