Keep Your Distance: How Fast Food Can Take Off During The Pandemic

Keep Your Distance: How Fast Food Can Take Off During The Pandemic

Quick Service Restaurants Can Find Creative Solutions to Feed Hungry Customers Despite Social Distancing.

Quick service restaurants are known for counter service and waiting lines. However, with social distancing in place, how can fast food lines work? While every business is undergoing massive shifts throughout this pandemic, restaurants have been hit especially hard. Innovators in the restaurant industry are showing their grit and willingness to explore new models to remain vital. People are still eating, after all.

Drive through and curbside pickup have provided some essential cashflow – however, they are not as steady as hungry customers streaming through the door at mealtimes. For QSR’s to do right by their customer base, they need to provide fast service. Customers will want their food to be ready in five minutes or less. Could technology be the cure-all for restauranteurs and franchises? Customer service technologies have been at the forefront of chain QSR’s strategies for years now – they’re a way to build momentum and a steady stream of customers without a line ever forming. By using our mobile apps that allow customers to engage directly, QSR’s can save much difficulty and streamline the transaction process. Allowing customers to get into a virtual line, pre-order food, or otherwise communicate with the restaurant makes the experience simple. The added benefit of a payment platform can ease the transaction process further – and build customers’ trust that a restaurant cares about their safety.

While there is no one key to unlocking success for restaurants throughout this crisis, creativity, and a focus on what customers most need can help QSR’s to thrive amid our “new normal.” If you’re a restaurant owner looking for ways to create convenient customer interactions during the pandemic, make ASTRALCOM your partner. Reach out to learn more about our expertise.