Small and Medium Size Businesses, Take Note: Google My Business is Your Friend During These Uncertain Times

Small and Medium Size Businesses, Take Note: Google My Business is Your Friend During These Uncertain Times

Here’s How Google My Business is Helping Small and Medium Size Businesses Showcase Their Value to Outlast the Pandemic

Google My Business Covid-19

Google My Business is an essential puzzle piece for small and medium-sized businesses – mainly brick and mortars – who want to be searchable online. As I’ve written about in the past, it is key for companies to establish an authoritative local brand presence to attract a loyal customer base. As COVID continues wreaking havoc on physical businesses into the summer season, we’re seeing a new side of Google My Business.

According to recent reporting, searches from Google users looking to help small businesses began to spike dramatically back in March. Google responded by introducing support links in May to help local businesses survive the pandemic. Initially, support links were made available in English-speaking markets – however, they are now in 18 additional countries such as Japan, Spain, and Italy. The links allow business owners to express their need for donations or gift card purchases via their business profiles, or through payment partners like PayPal and GoFundMe. There are also plans to create the capability for people to use Search and Maps to track down businesses that need support.

Google is also exploring methods to boost the ways people engage with businesses, from in-person experiences to online classes, virtual appointments, and more. The opportunities for services to surface during this time are plentiful – and with Google’s support in Search, Maps, and Google My Business, can be lifesaving for smaller businesses.

Google My Business has a gravitational pull on users. These updates to the tech giant’s platform are certainly not earth-shattering – however, while Google continues to steer the ship of small business searchability, they are significant new directions.

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