How Are Healthcare Marketers Addressing the Pandemic?

How Are Healthcare Marketers Addressing the Pandemic?

Healthcare Marketing Throughout COVID-19 Is All About Human Connection.

Healthcare Marketing

The tone, consistency, and style of messaging marketers adopt throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact their relationship with customers and their ability to retain trust in crucial ways. This is especially the case when it comes to hospitals and healthcare marketers. 


These days, marketing executives in the healthcare field are staying focused on providing essential, lifesaving information, offering telehealth appointments, and continuing to connect with customers as frequently as possible. As one CMO puts it, “people don’t engage with systems, they engage with people.” Gaining trust among people who are racked with fear and inconsistent advice from all directions is especially front of mind for healthcare marketers – who have an opportunity to share the inspiring stories of frontline heroes in this unprecedented time.


High touch human interaction cannot be overrated as a way of directly engaging with patients and providing the most reliable experience possible. A combination of email, direct mail, and social media communications that bring customers to a unified source of information – whether that is a phone number, landing page, or advisory web page – is an excellent way to manage traffic and substantial engagement. In terms of content strategy, delivering compelling, current information in a reliable format is another way to ensure patient trust. Pushing thought leadership via webinar, online video, or social media reflects in-the-moment changes and positions a healthcare provider as a leading voice during moments of extreme stress.


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