How Can Homebuilders Measure ROI on Innovation?

How Can Homebuilders Measure ROI on Innovation?

Here’s Why There is High Demand for Clean Air & Energy-Efficiency in New Homes.

Energy Efficiency in New Homes

Innovation in the real estate world is not easy to come by – despite what keynote speakers and thought leaders across industries would have you believe, exponential progress does not map cleanly to sectors like home building and development. Homebuilders know the cost of short cuts and the increased work created by niche and luxury home needs – “disruption” is not as simple as solving an inconvenience or targeting some sort of inefficiency. After all, builders are already working against a series of constraints that require substantial capital and time before they see a return on investment.

However, one area that is ripe for innovation in a way that connects all of the components of a builders’ ecosystem – from manufactured goods to construction to sales and marketing – is the relationship between a home and the health of those who will live in it long term. The interrelation between home and health is increasingly complex, as public safety messages continue to encourage people to (mostly) stay home to stay safe throughout the pandemic. In short, health is on peoples’ minds. Buyers seeking a new home are very likely to consider their family’s health with more scrutiny than ever.

 A recent article in Builder reminds us that children and infants breathe significantly more air per kilogram of body weight than adults. Environmental toxins found in the atmosphere affect children more than they do adults. With this in mind, innovative housing for today’s buyer looks like this – the Chōwa, a home whose design and technical performance directly correlate to its owners’ health and well-being. In the case of the Chōwa, there is a tangible return on innovation in the sense that the home is more durable, sustainable, and energy-efficient than many others on the market. In the grand scheme, these are innovations that impact both the builder and the homebuyer.

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