Yes – It Is Possible to Increase Your Rank in Amazon Listings

Yes – It Is Possible to Increase Your Rank in Amazon Listings

Fulfillment By Amazon Brands Have A Whole New SEO Code to Crack

Increase Your Rank in Amazon Listings

It’s a familiar feeling, running a search for an item you know you’ll find on Amazon and finding hundreds of results scattered across dozens of pages. If you are a brand leveraging Amazon to reach customers, how can you edge your way to the top?

The SEO game has been historically dominated by Google, which accounts for the staggering majority of searches people conduct in browsers. However, SEO is similarly applicable to sellers on Amazon, and with it comes a fresh set of algorithmic challenges.

Tools like this, created by Signalytics, can help sellers get the best and most web traffic by the visibility of the product listing pages. It works by enhancing Amazon listing titles to increase rank and sourcing useful data for companies that can help them better target and convert users.

On Amazon, SEO involves optimizing product listings to appear higher in the rankings than other searches for related keywords. Ranking is one of the most decisive factors in making sellers findable. Keywords are ranked as a result of the sales made from a listing page for a given keyword. As digital marketers know, SEO work is time-consuming and often requires agility as algorithms change. An automation tool like Signalytics might be helpful if applied in combination with a full SEO strategy, accounting for social media influx and additional traffic sources, such as where Amazon products show up on Google Shopping.

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