How The Pandemic is Affecting Media Consumption

How The Pandemic is Affecting Media Consumption

Across Generations, Today’s Pandemic is Shifting How We Consume Media and Information

Today’s Pandemic is Shifting How We Consume Media and Information

As varying levels of sheltering in place becomes a part of our new normal, people are spending more time than ever at home, on the couch, perusing the web. However, just as different individuals’ social media universes are bound to serve up different stories about the world, there are fascinating nuances to how people across age groups are adopting new digital habits and staying informed.

According to a recent study of U.S. and U.K. Internet users that is nicely visualized here, 80% of those surveyed say that they are spending more time consuming online content since the coronavirus pandemic first affected them. Television and online video platforms like YouTube and TikTok seem to be taking the lead across generations. And while all ages are eager to use the web to stay up to date on how the pandemic is unfolding, Generation Z is uniquely more likely to be listening to music than perusing the news. Gen Z’ers are also the most likely to seek entertainment while in isolation through Netflix or Disney+, despite subscription costs.

In addition to the dominant content platforms, the way people feel about the information they find online is also shifting. Depending on whom you ask, government resources, global health advisors, or anecdotes from a friend, all rank high in terms of trust. Unsurprisingly, a coherent, consistent message is important to people who are seeking a trustworthy source of updates. 

Online behavior continues to shift and evolve as the pandemic persists. If you are looking for ways to inform, entertain, or otherwise connect with and engage your customer base, you can trust ASTRALCOM to help you with comprehensive marketing and SEO services.