SEO, Content Marketing & Email: It’s All About the Combination

SEO, Content Marketing & Email: It’s All About the Combination

A Blended Approach to Digital Marketing is the Strongest Path to Success

SEO, Content Marketing & Email

Marketers who have the experience and bandwidth know that a maximalist approach goes a long way and keeps you front of mind for both your customers and the algorithmic workings that support your online visibility. Search engine optimization, content marketing, and email marketing blend nicely in building towards a productive cycle that draws customers to your website or e-commerce store. Here’s how these three components complement one another.


Not only does SEO help maximize the website traffic you get from Google, Bing, etc. – it also works to anticipate what your potential customers might search. Content marketing is all about creating, publishing, and distributing content that is helpful and valuable to your customer base. Because content marketing is rich in information and comes in varied formats, it serves as potent fuel for SEO. Content marketing acts as a keyword hub and by answering web queries posed by potential customers. Email campaigns add a layer of relevance to your customer touchpoints by being timely and useful. Use emails to keep customers aware of your newest products, services, deals, and news.


If keywords from your robust content marketing enable a strong SEO footprint, you can depend on users spending time on your site and diving into the content you offer. Plus, if your content is compelling, people are likely to subscribe to your email list. If subscribers end up sharing the content you post via social media or on their own blogs and websites, you can gain further SEO traction through backlinks, an increase in your site’s domain rating, and a positive contribution to organic rankings. 


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