Planning for Content Marketing is All About Mapping Out the Process

Planning for Content Marketing is All About Mapping Out the Process

Content Marketing Does Not Begin and End with Content Creation

Planning for Content Marketing

If you’ve taken a stab at content marketing and want to get more value from the content you already have, chances are there are pieces of the equation that are missing from your process. Content marketing is a delicate balance of planning, creation, distribution, and maintenance. The actual making of content is only one piece of the pie – and many brands get so stuck trying to figure out what to say, when and how to say it, and how to say it more frequently than the competition. The mistake of leaning too heavily on content creation leads to significant gaps in the rest of the content marketing lifecycle. In many cases, less is more – and strong follow-ups that amplify what you create will decrease the urgency around continually creating more. 


In planning around your content creation, it is essential to know whom you’re reaching out to, understand the buyer journey, and map out the “happy path” that charts the ideal engagement between your brand and your target. From there, select channels and topics that are relevant to the time of year and brand milestones you want to highlight, and a plan of action to ensure that the work all gets done.


Once you have a plan to work from, you’re ready to move into content creation – writing, editing, designing assets, and getting sign-offs. Before you launch it, optimize your content via SEO to become easier to find and more relevant to the right prospective customers. 


Publish your content once it is created and optimized, and go the extra mile by making it extra easy for people to find out about it by sharing it. Ways of sharing might include social media, emailing it to subscribers, or sending it to people of influence who can help cross-promote. 


It doesn’t end there – once your content is out in the world, you can easily repurpose it to increase the amount of exposure it gets. Bring the content to new channels and platforms immediately after the content is launched to keep the momentum going. And, where evergreen content is in the mix, keep it fresh! Maintain your ongoing and reused content regularly to prevent it from going stale.


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