ASTRALCOM Releases New Whitepaper: The Algorithm for Consumer Spending

ASTRALCOM Releases New Whitepaper: The Algorithm for Consumer Spending

The emotional causality behind consumer spending

The Algorithm for Consumer Spending(Lakewood, CA – November 1, 2020) – ASTRALCOM, LLC today announced the completion and availability of their latest whitepaper.

The Algorithm for Consumer Spending whitepaper presents a synopsis of salient strategies and techniques for tapping into and leveraging the origin of consumer spending.

The document puts forth three main objectives:

  1. To demonstrate the impetus of consumer spending.
  2. To elucidate today’s advertising, marketing, and messaging artifices.
  3. To link these two premises to a fundamental proposition.

In addressing these objectives, readers will learn how some of the more effective, common advertising, marketing, and messaging techniques are linked to the emotional causality behind consumer spending. Included in the whitepaper are related formulae, heuristics for specific media channels, and an extensive bibliography to help readers connect the dots.

The main premise behind the whitepaper is that, while today, there are more ways and means to connect with all audiences, the fundamentals of human nature (behavior, thought processes, decision processes, etc) have not changed. In reference to this, the whitepaper asserts that, “Only now, as marketers, we’re able to measure these behaviors, thought processes, and actions. If we can measure it, then we can manage it.”

The document concludes by posing the question of measuring consumer behaviors and actions and thereby, subsequently identifying an algorithm for selling goods and services.

“We’re excited to share our cumulative knowledge and perspective,” said Richard Bergér, VP at ASTRALCOM. “Releasing whitepapers, like The Algorithm for Consumer Spending, helps our clients, prospects, and other marketing professionals to elevate their knowledge and expertise. This particular whitepaper was especially fun to create,” he added.

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This article is part of The Algorithm for Consumer Spending Series.



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