2020’s Top Marketing Trends are Likely to Continue to Inform Businesses This Year

2020’s Top Marketing Trends are Likely to Continue to Inform Businesses This Year

Here’s How 2020 Upped The Ante On Personalized Digital Marketing

2020 Upped The Ante On Personalized Digital Marketing

2020 was a heavy, complicated year for many businesses. As we take stock of all that happened, it’s interesting to reflect on the many digital strategies that emerged from a year of crisis and constant pivots. It’s been true for some time now that, to some degree, all businesses need to evolve into digital businesses. In 2020, however, we saw digital marketing take on a central role in all business areas – mainly when it came to reaching customers via digital channels and showing up with personalized offers. 2020 was like an agility test for many marketers to see how quick, adaptable, and creative they could be in the face of constant challenges. Some of the “new norms” for digital marketing that we expect to bring into 2021 include deep personalization, direct messaging, and click-to-shop Instagram posts.

Social media marketing grew to explosive new heights last year. Social media has become essential to how marketers work – and has helped brands diversify their target markets to achieve higher revenue streams and broader visibility. Plus, social media’s novelty factor continues to expand year after year as platforms create ever-changing ways to tell stories. For instance, on Instagram, shoppable posts have reduced the friction between what people “like” and how they make it their own. Shoppable ads have changed users’ habits and expectations around what they’re doing when they log in. Linking directly from posts has allowed businesses to quickly re-route customers to the point of sale.

No customer enjoys feeling distant or personally misunderstood by a brand. For this reason, personalization has taken on significant importance in digital marketing. The proliferation of data generated from customers’ online behavior allows businesses to take advantage of data-driven trends to best entice and engage their audience. Customer behavior across purchase history, cookies, and broader search query analytics help brands to offer strong recommendations to customers – all while building customers’ trust. One way to keep things highly personalized is to leverage direct contact. Many businesses have used social media to directly interact with their customers to answer questions, manage orders, and better understand their purchasing motivations.

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