Is It Possible To Build SEO Into An Ecommerce Product?

Is It Possible To Build SEO Into An Ecommerce Product?

Attention eCommerce Marketers: It’s Time To Attach SEO To Your Products

Attach SEO To Your Products

Is there a way to maximize the organic growth of online traffic? They may just be – and, according to one strong report, it all comes down to optimizing products’ searchability over content marketing. Not only does product SEO make the experience easier for shoppers – it improves your eCommerce site’s search visibility. Content marketing, after all, requires authoring and ongoing maintenance to be successful. By building SEO into a product, you’re creating efficiency – optimizing for search is not an afterthought but is baked into how you list and sell your products. In this way, product SEO creates a scalable content infrastructure that can yield strong SEO results.

In making a product SEO-ready, ask yourself how much of the product you make visible via search engines. Are images tagged with strong keywords? Do you have other content that sits across channels with similarly well-tagged metadata? In as many ways as you can, show the search engine – and your potential customers – the great user experience your product provides. The more you can reveal, the more you can ensure that the content you’re putting online aligns with your target users’ intent. If they find what they’re looking for, after all, they are more likely to feel satisfied and become conversions.

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