In Defense of the Online Form

In Defense of the Online Form

How Can Online Forms Grow Your Relationship with Your Customers?

Can Online Forms Grow Your Relationship with Your Customers?

Online forms serve as critical conversion points for marketers who are explicitly looking to generate leads. It’s a known reality that for customers to engage with a form, it needs to be pithy and basic. Yet, there is an excellent case to make for asking for a deeper quality of information in a form. To optimize a form’s performance, it is crucial to communicate its perceived value so that your customers perk up and see a reason for filling it out. This means offering incentives or gamifying the form to balance out the perceived labor and doubt a form might surface for customers.


In addition to easing a form’s friction and increasing the value they perceive, you can try experimenting with where a form sits on your website or in your marketing emails. Is it a sidebar? A pop-up? Different placements will yield different results, depending on the channel. That said, pop-up forms have been a valuable format for some companies. Offering valuable or paid incentives is another clever way to get responses from your loyal customers. Or, if it is appropriate for your brand, try soliciting form submissions in web forums or on social media to see how your audience responds.


Whatever form elements you decide to experiment with, there are a handful of “required” things that directly aid in the form’s effectiveness. Learn more about these in our post Art of the Conversion. We are experts at implementing results-oriented marketing for clients across industries.