Digital Tools Are Helping Homebuyers – But There’s More To The Story

Digital Tools Are Helping Homebuyers – But There’s More To The Story

U.S. Homebuyers Prefer Digital Tools As Complements To Their Home Search – Not As A Single Touchpoints

Digital Tools for Homebuyers

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a suite of new tools and tech into the real estate sector. Homebuying is on the rise – yet the threat of illness kept many home shoppers sequestered and indulging their curiosity online. 


In reality, however, digital tools are more of a supplement in the shopping and buying process. Nothing can replace the experience of walking into a home and feeling like you belong there. Most homebuyers would hesitate to buy a house through a fully online experience. Zillow recently sent out a survey that indicates a mall 23% of home shoppers would be willing to buy their next home online. Younger generations are more inclined to take an online gamble, while Baby Boomers and older generations are far less likely to buy a home online. 


That said, there are excellent tools that emerged from the pandemic – and many will continue to form buyers’ expectations moving forward. Viewing a floorplan online, taking a virtual tour, and receiving emails or alerts from a saved search on a real estate website all rank high. Homebuyers also like a human touch during the online shopping process. These include options like watching a real estate agent’s virtual tour or visiting a home that has a contactless locking system.


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