The Power Of Messaging For Conversion

The Power Of Messaging For Conversion

There’s More To Converting Leads Than SEO – Psychology Matters Too

The Power Of Messaging For Conversion

Psychologists love to remind us that when it comes to being convincing, people are much more likely to remember how you made them feel than what you said to them.

Feeling clear-minded and equipped with information is empowering, no matter the context. Have you applied these values as rules of thumb for your brand’s messaging? If capturing and converting leads is your aim, think about the human dimension and the impact your messaging will have on people. A recent experiment revealed a decisive difference between a website whose messaging followed strong principles vs. a site with less effective messaging. If you’re looking for an actionable way to boost the impact of your messaging, pay attention to these principles:

  • Be clear. Don’t make your customer guess – especially when it comes to microcopy in buttons or introductory copy in headlines. Be as specific as you can be while keeping the message succinct.
  • Build in a sense of urgency. Will your customer feel a strong pull to immediately follow your call to action or learn more about you? Let the clarity of your message drive the urgency of your customer’s next step in following through on your desired action.
  • Be brief. The time-to-value ratio should be very short, if not instant so that your customer has a specific sense of what you’re offering without needing to parse it out. If you’re vague in your messaging, you’re wasting your reader’s time and energy.

Serving up messaging that adheres to these four principles has proven results for online businesses. If you are looking to adjust your messaging strategy to maximize leads and build in conversions, partner with us and enjoy the benefits of ASTRALCOM’s robust conversion marketing services.


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