How Physician Communication Impacts Customer Experience

How Physician Communication Impacts Customer Experience

Building Community is Core To Growing Communications

Healthcare businesses – have you considered the role your customer community might play in your digital marketing initiatives?

In a recent video interview, the Chief Experience Officer at the American Medical Association shares his perspective on how building trust across a growing network of clinics, healthcare facilities, and hospital chains was essential to communications throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. While different from most medical offices as it sits a level above the on-the-ground practices it serves, the American Medical Association gleaned some crucial insights transferable to anyone in the business of people services, engaging and transitioning the presentation of information cultivating audiences.

While the pandemic turned the medical profession inside out, the AMA doubled down on its drive to integrate marketing, services, and experiences to retain and grow audiences. They focused on being data-driven, serving the needs of their customers (physicians), and creating opportunities for information to be shared and learning to be distributed.

Strikingly, this amounted to a profusion of communications. Because so much was happening so quickly during the pandemic, and to fight misinformation, the AMA found it essential to push content to more channels, with deeper subject matter expertise, and at a higher volume than ever before. They added an element of entertainment value and consistency to help gain trust and audience loyalty.

Leaning into a community of practice proved to be an invaluable marketing asset for the AMA. If you’re a healthcare business looking for ways to engage your audience and create marketing materials that count, partner with us.


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