Marketers Know That SEO is an Art – But Have You Honed It as a Science?

Marketers Know That SEO is an Art – But Have You Honed It as a Science?

It’s Time for a New SEO Periodic Table

Marketers Know That SEO is an Art

The renowned SEO experts at Search Engine Land initially put out a Periodic Table of SEO back in 2011 to crystallize some essential requirements and – yes – to nerd out in style on the scientific method behind any quality SEO campaign. Ten years later, the SEO Periodic Table is due for a fresh visit.


Traditional success factors that underlie any healthy SEO campaign include:

  • Content architecture. Content must be organized in a hierarchy and sitemap that fits users’ queries and intentions. 
  • HTML. How a site is coded, tagged, and backlinked will impact its SEO profile.
  • Reputation. To function SEO-wise, a site needs to be trusted, linked to, frequently visited, and full of helpful, reputable information.
  • Links. The way a site links internally, its interactive functionality, and how frequently other sites link to it are all essential for search engines.
  • Users. Sites need to take users into account first and foremost, matching users’ search terms and desires.

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