The Benefits of a Digital Front Door for Healthcare Providers

The Benefits of a Digital Front Door for Healthcare Providers

From Telehealth To The Golden Age of Healthcare

The Benefits of a Digital Front Door for Healthcare Providers

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of telehealth tools over the past year and a half, which has, in turn, exploded patients’ expectations of healthcare systems and providers and has dramatically increased their desire for self-service, accessible cars, and easy solutions. Healthcare providers who have not stepped up to accommodate their patients with digital tools are being left in the dark – and as the world braces to re-adjust to pre-COVID existence, the need for strong in-person and digital services from doctors is stronger than ever. 


For this reason, a digital front door for healthcare companies is essential. An effective digital front door enables patients to feel welcomed and is at once helpful and strategic. Helpful, because patients get what they need when they need it; strategic, because it gives patients a way to interact with their providers after hours, while on the go, and with minimal effort. 


What exactly is a digital front door, you ask? Think literally – it is a way of taking the front desk experience of a healthcare facility online. Patients can set appointments, log insurance information, navigate to specialists, and communicate with their doctors without physically entering a healthcare facility. By optimizing for patient access in this way, a digital front door creates a smooth experience for existing patients. It can also act as a pipeline for new patients as it boosts an organization’s online visibility.


A seamless digital experience has become table stakes for all sorts of businesses – and healthcare is no exception. If you are a healthcare organization looking to attract and retain clients to your practice, ASTRALCOM can lend deep expertise in digital experiences and content strategy. Learn more about how we work with healthcare organizations.


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