Search Marketing That Helps You Move Inventory

Search Marketing That Helps You Move Inventory

How Quickly Can You Optimize E-Commerce Sales?

Optimize E-Commerce Sales


Are you looking for a way to expedite your sales funnel? Every e-commerce shop has been there – perhaps due to an excess of stock in a specific category or in an effort to make the most of a seasonal promotion. There are several ways to align your search marketing plans to sell at the speed your business needs.


One of the most significant benefits of digital marketing is the ability to move quickly. For one thing, businesses can seek out free product listings on Google. Make no mistake – we are forever fans of paid ads for the right campaign. However, companies often target search keywords based on the paid advertisements that appear in the SERP without targeting the free listings or those that organically made their way to the top of the page. Make the most of organic marketing by seeing yourself in competition with all of the contenders that rank highly on the SERP – not just some of them. In addition, e-commerce businesses can appear across Google search destinations, from Shopping to Maps to Lens, if your company has a store or brick and mortar location. 


From a business perspective, it is crucial to measure the results of campaigns and quick-turnaround marketing bursts. By connecting conversion rate optimization with SEO, marketers can examine both how a web page performs and how a site is doing overall in the SERP. 


Another marketing asset that is all too often overlooked is a brand’s homepage. Unless you are direct-linking to products from paid ads, chances are, your homepage sees more traffic than any other part of your website. Consistently auditing and making minor improvements to this page will pay off massively – especially if you make high ROI products shine and keep the site free of clutter so that the customer’s desired call to action is front and center. Improving load time and core web vitals are essential to ensure that a click to your page aligns with a conversion or sale. And, be sure that your site is secure, performs well on mobile devices, and is designed responsively. 


When you are after fast results or want to encourage users to take a particular path, your homepage, your campaign measurement strategy, and your target keywords can all accelerate your performance. Partner with ASTRALCOM to see the impact of comprehensive SEO and content marketing services. 


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