How A Software Company Made Content Marketing Core To Their Business

How A Software Company Made Content Marketing Core To Their Business

A Case Study Proves That Multichannel Content Is King

Multichannel Content Is King

Content marketing is often an unsolvable problem for brands. It takes high investment and can have substantial results, but it can also fail to offer a strong ROI without consistent brand-building. Recent coverage of the software company Hubspot makes an excellent case for brands considering going all out on content marketing. Hint: Hubspot does so – and it has a measurable impact on their business.


First, Hubspot has invested in its content creators. They have more than a dozen writers as well as editors and content managers. Interestingly, each individual is tasked with keeping track of blog efficacy and conversions. The company also has an active YouTube channel supported by a scriptwriter who converts high-performing blog articles into video content. A solid YouTube following has proven to be an SEO benefit for Hubspot. This results-oriented, outcome-driven approach connects content creators directly with the analytics that report on their success. Despite having a large team, this practice is scrappy and applicable in smaller organizations with one or two-person marketing teams. 


Another best practice Hubspot focuses on is keeping content fresh. Older blogs are not published and then left to die; writers frequently revisit and update outdated content to keep the linking ecosystem alive. For a blog that has been around for a few years, removing irrelevant articles and freshening old content is healthy for any company.


In addition to written blogs and videos, Hubspot publishes podcasts to broaden its content footprint. However, not all content is new content – podcasts can act as a conversational deep dive into an existing piece of writing or video, and vice versa. Implementing storytelling across channels is efficient and a great way to get more mileage out of popular topics.


Long story short – multichannel content marketing is a powerful tool. If your business is ready to get deeper into content marketing, partner with us.


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